Happy New Year!
As we all get stuck back into work – we would like to remind you of Microsoft’s News regarding Windows 7 End of Life.
Microsoft has been notifying Windows 7 users about this month’s (14th Jan 2020) end of support throughout 2019. The company will be making its notification prompts even bigger, as full-screen pop-ups to warn about the end of life of Windows 7. The full-screen notification will warn that “your Windows 7 PC is out of support,” and it will start appearing on January 15th, the day after support ends.
Microsoft will warn Windows 7 users who haven’t upgraded that PCs are “more vulnerable to viruses and malware” due to a lack of security and software updates and although automatic updates are still being ceased on this date, businesses that need more time to upgrade, will now be able to take advantage of a 12-month subscription support service.
There will be three options to dismiss the on screen prompts, including the ability to remind later, learn more, or don’t remind again. The full-screen prompt will remain on the screen until a Windows 7 user has interacted with it.
Windows 7 support will end on January 14th, 2020, and Microsoft has been promoting Windows 10 as the main upgrade path for businesses and consumers.
Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any concerns or queries, would like to avail of the subscription extension or begin the upgrading process.  We promise to look after you each step of the way.