In a pandemic stricken world, where companies and businesses are adopting modern ways of work, working from home has emerged as the new normal. 

Many businesses now have most of their employees working remotely, which means that most of the interactions, data exchanges, and client work happen online. And that situation can be a threat to your company’s data and safety. Wondering how? The answer is cybercrime. 

If you think that cybercrime or hacking won’t affect you, you could be wrong. Since 2018, 67% of small to medium enterprises have reported cases of piracy and instances where their cybersecurity was compromised. 

The problem isn’t that there are no measures for cybersecurity. The issue at hand is that often companies can’t afford to safeguard their digital spaces because of a lack of professional experience in the field. That is why you need to outsource your company’s IT to develop a cybersecurity plan that will not only help your business stay safe today but also secure its future success. 

Why Do You Need To Outsource Your Company’s IT Or Hire A Managed Service Provider?

Get this – 71% of businesses are not equipped to devise cybersecurity strategies on their own. They need to rely on an expert’s proactive approach and dedicated analysis of the company’s needs to present a plan. From devising a secure remote working program for your company to correctly implementing technology that stands firm against any external threat or hacking attempt, a managed service provider will help you develop a safe digital landscape. 

Your managed services provider should start with an initial scanning of your programs, your online data, and your digital presence to audit any issues. This is a crucial step and something that often companies are ill-equipped to do themselves. Apart from that, when you outsource your company’s IT, you can freely focus your energy and resources on developing your business and growing it. In the absence of a robust cyber system, you’re always at a risk of being hacked or exposed. 

Benefits Of Hiring A Managed Service Provider

A managed service provider is better placed to develop your company’s cybersecurity plan because: 

  • Outsourcing your company’s IT can protect your data and reduce the risk factor by a significant margin. 
  • They have access and an understanding of all the latest updates as well as the tools to use for digital protection. 
  • They have a comprehensive protection system that allows you to set up the kind of security that your company needs the most. It can be centralised or transparent, depending on your requirements and what’s best for you. 
  • They’re a safer and cost-effective option. If you don’t outsource your company’s IT and decide to hire an in-house team for the purpose, it can cost you upwards of €46,000 per month


The six most important areas that will improve when you outsource your company’s IT.

1. Disk Encryption

If a house is locked, it’s far more difficult to enter it without the key.

Disk encryption works in the same manner as protecting your house from all fronts and locking it to any invader. Of course, the house, in this case, is your company and all the data that the employees have access to.  

Regardless of where the data is accessed from or how the employees are using it, disk encryption ensures that it cannot be read or accessed by any third party. 

This way, it ensures the safety and integrity of your data from rogue hackers and malicious activity.  

2. Anti-virus

If you think that installing an anti-virus program will slow down your system, you’re probably still living in 2008. Or, likely, you haven’t outsourced your company’s IT needs to a managed services provider.  

Hiring a professional team to install anti-virus software in your company’s systems will ensure all security needs are being met. It’s not just about detecting viruses, but also recognising the presence of malware. 

From blocking malicious emails to preventing connections with virus programs, anti-virus software will protect you from all sides. And hiring a managed services provider will ensure that the anti-virus is installed correctly, updates are maintained and everything runs smoothly and effectively. 

3. Email Advanced Threat Protection

By 2021, global cybercrime is expected to exceed $6 trillion. So, how can your company ensure it’s protected? One of the answers is by installing advanced threat protection. An ATP is a cloud-based security service that can prevent any spam, malware, or virus entering your system via email. 

The system works in a manner that also eliminates any phishing schemes. It means that in the absence of spam mails, employees can continue focusing on the critical aspects of their work and needn’t be bothered with the incoming rush of spam. 

4. MFA For Microsoft Office 365 and VPN Access

Multi-factor authentication or MFA for Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is a system to ensure your account security and data safety. In a world where passwords can be easily hacked or compromised, MFA emerges as a solution to these problems. It offers multiple forms of authentication so that no third-party or malicious hacker can enter your account and breach its privacy. 

Similarly, VPN access increases the efficiency of your remote employees by allowing them to access sites that might be slow or non-operational in their area. 

5. Backup for Business continuity

And finally, the right managed services provider will ensure that they provide you with a comprehensive backup solution, including Office 365. Having a solid backup strategy protects your employees and your data from any data loss, be it malicious or accidental. 

The backup keeps storing the essential data and information separately, and in an instance where a loss occurs, your lost data can quickly be recovered. It ensures that your company doesn’t lose out since operations can be re-established with minimal downtime – your organisation can continue to operate, even after any malicious file deletion or error. 

6. Network Firewall

A network firewall is like a net – it filters the traffic coming into and moving out of your network and reduces or eliminates the sort of unwanted traffic or unauthorised access that can cause big problems for an organisation, all while permitting the legitimate data transfers the business relies on to function.

In short, a properly configured firewall will protect your business without slowing it down.

Final Word

Building a business and growing it can take years, even decades, of hard work and planning. However, if you’re not smart about protecting it, it can all be washed away with a few clicks from a hacker. 

You need to outsource your company’s IT to ensure that your business runs smoothly on a daily basis and to ensure your business continuity should the worst happen. And equally as important, so that your employees can enjoy a safe, growing, and productive work environment where they don’t have to worry about a slow connection or a virus spoiling their work. 


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