Secure Cloud Backup and Recovery

Information is one of your company’s most valuable assets, and it gets more difficult to manage every day. The Online Backup provided by Unitec securely stores the data you generate – from servers, databases, enterprise applications, mobile devices, cloud applications, and virtual machines – in the cloud. Should you ever need to recover your data, our Online Backup combines the rapid recovery time of a private cloud application with the cost savings, compliance, and scalability of a public solution. Plus, it requires no on-site equipment, and integrates all data-protection into a secure, accountable, off-site solution for the setup, monitoring, and management of all your data backups.

Cloud Data Backup


One installation backs-up your entire network. Agentless architecture is secure because it does not need to be installed on each machine, eliminating the need for open ports on your firewall and dramatically enhancing security by removing points of attack within agent-based architectures.

Unitec’s online backup uses de-duplication, compression, and delta blocking to cut down on backup traffic, as well as the software’s ability to counter data theft through strong AES encryption.

Our 24/7 Corruption Detection tool guarantees data integrity with zero corruption for successful restores. It runs seamlessly in the background, constantly scanning for corrupted or problematic files. This can include files with data corruption or logical inconsistencies caused by third-party technologies. As Corruption Detection checks backup files, it automatically corrects file and directory ID duplications without the need for human intervention. When Corruption Detection finds a problematic file that it cannot fix at the central-site location, it automatically triggers the software at the remote site to re-synchronise and resend any corrupted files during the next scheduled backup — once again, all without the need for human intervention.

Peace of mind knowing that your data is held securely and encrypted in ISO Certified Irish Data Centres.

Become more efficient while still offering data protection and compliance by archiving obsolete generations, deleted data, and old data. We also offer optional off-site replication for additional redundancy and compliance.


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